Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Google Wave...the future? Wave needs to assure a future for themselves first...

As none of you may know I was one of the blessed few (100k) to receive a Google Wave invite. While I was extremely excited over this hyped up "email-killer," after further use I was deemed with disappointment. I invited a few friends hoping, functionality and the overall "would i use this?" factor, would go up. Once again I was massively dissapointed with its lack of "killer" features, "it's just a sandbox with no toys". This analogy sums it up perfectly, it has no features that everyday internet users would use. It's for the developer intensive and the early adopters, once again not for the typical consumer. BUT! I'm hoping we've been blessed with good news that puts the hype and hopeful functionality back into over drive...(*drum roll please*) an Application Marketplace. Most likely playing off the success of their mobile OS Android Market, there will be a Google wave specific app store opened for developers to submit applications that increase the functionality of Google Wave. Hit the link for more info on... The Google Wave App Store

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