Friday, October 23, 2009

The start of a new slate...its so powerful but yet meaningless right now

I'm starting this blog amongst the millions...upon milllions...upon millions of tech info blogs. I know my opinion (just like i would perceive most others) doesn't hold a lot of water on here. I hope to attract a few followers, maybe sparke some ideals while im at at. Overall i want this to serve as a tech blog outlet...i'll try to stay up to date (hopefully hourly!) There's a huge array of tech out there obviously and in any bloggers mind this will be my (tech) interests presented i think this will attract a lot of people actually.

For anyone's who's curious im a college kid, 20 years of age, 6'2" and i have a mean right hook strictly blogatively speaking (i think thats a word). Anyways if at all during this blog you find interest in my words of perceived wisdom please don't be afraid to message me (or however you get a hold of a given writer on this new fangled blogging contraption).

Oh and the main technologies i hope to be hitting on are.... Android Mobile OS (UI and functionality, breaking news as well)

Windows (7 most likely)

Mostly all interesting consumer electronic news

And various types of developing web technology: Google Wave, Fbook & Twitter news, and Web 3.0 to name a few


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